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Ragala Pears end up as cattle feed, farmers in a quandary

Steps have been taken to feed the harvest of Ragala Pears popularly known as ‘Sri Lanka Apples’, to cattle these days due to the inability to sell their produce at a reasonable price, Ragala Pears farmers said.

Ragala Pears farmers say that the cultivation of Ragala Pears is rotting under the trees due to the country being locked down. Tourists cannot visit Nuwara Eliya and it is difficult to transport the harvest to Colombo and other cities and the vendors in those areas are unable to sell them.

Pears are cultivated extensively around Gonakelle, Bingantalawa, Ratnayakapathana, Palalpathana and Manthrithenna in the vicinity of the Ragala Range. Farmers say the harvest of pears has increased tremendously this time and has now reached the harvesting stage now.

A resident of Gonakelle, farmer A.H Jayaweera said there are two varieties of pears, Ragala and Rahangala, but the Rahangala variety has some price but the Ragala variety as a whole does not have a proper price and method of selling the pears at present. He said that last year, Pears farmers were registered through the Hanguranketha Divisional Secretariat but it did not provide them with a fair price and marketing methodology.

Ragala Pears farmers say that at present a situation has arisen where a kilo of pears cannot be sold for even a hundred rupees and they have not been able to sell Ragala Pears at a reasonable price for three years due to the Easter attack in 2019 as well as the COVID-19 pandemic effect last year and this year.



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