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Consumer Act, not Emergency most suitable - Sajith

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said prices of essential items could be controlled easily through the Consumer Act of No 09 of 2003.“This is not the decision the Government is going to take at this moment,” he said yesterday.

He said prices of essential goods could be controlled easily throughthe Consumer Act of No 9, of 2003 and not by imposing Emergency Regulations (ER).

The Opposition Leader said this sudden decision reflects the incapability of the Government and also it is a violation of human rights.He said the number of COVID infected persons in the country cannot be contained by imposing Emergency Regulations. “Such Gazette notifications clearly indicate that this democratic country is heading towards a dictatorship,” he said.

Premadasa further mentioned that the Government should strengthen the Consumer Act and take legal action against persons who are hoarding consumer goods and the Samagi Jana Balawegaya highly opposed the Government’s decision to impose Emergency regulations.


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