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Over 11,700 Police officers affected by COVID-19 - Minister

Public Security Minister Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekara said that Police officers have risked their lives serving the public during the COVID-19 pandemic and the President and the Government is thankful for the sacrifices made by them.

He noted that over 11,700 Police officers had been infected with the COVID-19 virus while serving the people and 28 of them had lost their lives as a result.

The Public Security Minister also thanked the Police officers for their continued operations to nab drug dealers and preventing underworld activities despite the pandemic.

Minister Weerasekara made these comments during a zoom meeting with his Ministry’s Secretary Maj. Gen. Jagath Alwis, IGP Chandana Wickramaratne, SDIGs and DIGs. During this meeting the Minister advised the Police to pay special attention to National Security while engaging in all other operations.

He also noted that it was easier to detect the LTTE as it was a terrorist organization, but ISIS is more of an ideology than an organization, making it harder to detect.

He said that people who engage in such activities, isolate themselves first and then extremism can lead to terrorism. The Minister directed the Police to be vigilant about such situations.

The Minister also noted that two special investigation teams have been set up under the supervision of the Senior DIG in charge of crimes and one team will engage in extortion and the underworld operations while the other will engage in drug detections.

Weerasekara also said that if a Police officer is killed in the line of duty, his pay would be paid to the family until his retirement age. He also noted that a Cabinet Paper has been prepared to be submitted to obtain the salary approval for the 28 Police officers who had lost their lives due to COVID-19 while performing their duties.

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