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Wheat flour price remains unchanged

Companies importing wheat flour agreed not to increase the price of their products and therefore, the prices of bakery products will remain unchanged, State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna said.

The companies arrived at this decision following a discussion with the Secretary to the President and Finance Ministry Secretary.

The maximum retail price of one Kilogram of wheat flour is Rs. 87. Recently, the companies sought Government’s permission to increase the price of wheat flour by Rs. 12. The State Minister was speaking to the media at the latter’s Ministry yesterday.

He also said that an amendment to the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) Act will be moved in Parliament today to revise the fines against the over pricing of essential goods.

He said that the fines stipulated in the CAA Act for selling essential items above the Maximum Retail Price have not been revised for about 20 years. This is the first time an amendment is moved to this Act since 2003.

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