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Week-long Pirith recital from Mirisawetiya

A week-long Pirith recital will take place at the Mirisawatiya Stupa beginning tomorrow (7) to bestow merit on all currently engaged in fighting the global pandemic.

The inaugural ceremony seeking to bestow spiritual blessings on the country and citizens will be held at the historic Mirisawetiya Stupa.

This Pirith chanting ceremony will begin from tomorrow (7) and will be held until September 13.

The chanting ceremony will commence tomorrow at 8 pm. Citizens are requested to light a lamp in every house in the country.Buddha Sasana, Religious Affairs and Cultural Affairs Ministry Secretary Prof. Kapila Gunawardena said the opening day of the Pirith Pinkama will be telecast live on Independent Television Network (ITN), and the last day will be telecast live on Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.

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