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WP should be given priority for jab - SJB

SJB Parliamentarian Manusha Nanayakkara said the COVID-19 vaccination process was not progressing according to a scientific pattern. He said the Colombo district should receive priority in the vaccination process as over 300 Covid patients were reported from the district daily. “The situation in the Western Province is more serious than any other province. So the Western province should be given priority,” he said. Nanayakkara queried as to on what basis the Sputnik vaccines were jabbed in the Kandy district. “Most of those who died of COVID had not been fully vaccinated. These deaths could have been prevented, if the government began vaccinating people early”, he said. He said that the health authorities are not apparently taking decisions with regard to the areas where vaccination should be prioritised.Nanayakkara added that youths in the Western Province made more contribution to the economy of the country and they should be given priority in the vaccination process.

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