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Monitor sale of substandard medical equipment - Attanayaka

Various types of medical equipment and medical devices, especially used during the pandemic period should be monitored by relevant state sector institutions such as the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) in order to stop the sale of substandard items to consumers, Samagi Jana Balawegaya, National Organiser Tissa Attanayaka said.

He said some private pharmacies are in the habit of selling medical devices at exorbitant prices to consumers taking advantage of the pandemic situation.

“However, consumers purchase these items not knowing the quality and standards of them,” he said.Attanayaka said a stock of substandard oximeters, sold by a reputed organisation was seized by NMRA officials and legal action was taken against the owners of the organisation.

He said unfortunately, many people had already purchased these substandard oximeters by the time the authorities seized these items.

Attanayaka said in addition to the NMRA, a number of other state establishments such as the Drugs Regulatory Authority should not allow private organisations to sell such substandard medical equipment without prior approval.

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