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Emergency only for Govt’s benefit - AKD

The Emergency Regulations are not for the public benefit but to acquire more powers for the Government, National People’s Power(NPP) Leader MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake said yesterday.

Dissanayake made this observation while participating in the debate on the proclamation of Emergency Regulations.

“Now the second part of the Public Security Act is enacted. This has been brought forward as a means to provide relief to the people. If the Government wants there are enough laws for that purpose. This Emergency declaration has been made with the ulterior motive of further restricting the fundamental rights of the people. This will lead the country further in the direction of authoritarianism,” Dissanayake alleged.

“The Government’s real intention is not protecting the consumers. The Government wants more power. This Government wanted the 2/3 majority in Parliament and got it. Now it wants more power. What is this? If the current laws regarding consumer protection are not enough, you have to strengthen such laws. But what you do is enable laws which go beyond the existing laws. We all know that when a new Bill is presented we can go to the Court and challenge it.

But when Emergency Regulations are enacted, we cannot even do that,” Dissanayake pointed out. MP Dissanayake said that it is a joke that the Government brings Emergency Regulations to curb the unethical conduct of mill owners and hoarders.

“Those mill owners are your good friends. Everyone in the country knows that. You are like one family. In such a backdrop you are saying to us that these Emergency Regulations are to control their conduct. Are you joking? Why should we believe this? It is true that only the regulation regarding consumer goods has been enacted for now. But when this is passed, the President will have the power to enact any regulation as he wishes. This is just opening the door for that,” Dissanayake remarked.

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