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Vaccination drive for those aged 20–30

Enthusiastic response from youth:

The vaccination campaign for those aged between 20 and 30 is underway in several provinces and districts. It will be expanded to cover the entire island in the next few days.

According to the latest population statistics, there are 3,322,905 Sri Lankans aged 20 to 30. Nearly 40 percent of them have received the first dose of the COVID vaccine, as many in the essential services were eligible to receive the vaccine regardless of age. However, no one in this age group has yet received the second dose.

Those aged 20–30 can get their vaccine at Diyatha Uyana, Vihara Maha Devi Park and many other centres. There is an enthusiastic response to the vaccination drive by youth, health sources said. Once this group is vaccinated, the programme will be extended to cover the 12–19 age group.

Meanwhile, health authorities said yesterday that more than 80 percent of the above 30 population has received the first dose of the COVID vaccine and 60 percent of the entire population has received at least a single dose of a vaccine and 40 percent of the entire population have been fully vaccinated.

Sri Lanka has administered a total number of 21,919,413 doses of COVID vaccines by yesterday (7).

Accordingly, a total of 12,823,147 people have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 9,414,851 people have completed the full vaccination course of two doses.

Sri Lanka has received a total of 27,432,414 vaccine doses by yesterday, with the majority being Sinopharm (22 million). The others are AstraZeneca (2.8 million), Moderna (1.5 million), Pfizer (856,990) and Sputnik V (210,000).

Sri Lanka has also conducted over five million PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests for COVID, at a daily average of 10,000. A total of 465,949 Sri Lankans have been infected with COVID-19, out of which 386,509 have fully recovered. Over 10,320 Sri Lankans have succumbed to the disease. There are 69,000 active cases at homes, hospitals and Intermediate Care Centres.

Meanwhile, more than 60 percent of the country’s above 60 population has been vaccinated against COVID, Home Affairs Ministry Secretary N.H.M. Chithrananda said.

There are 550,299 above 60 people in Sri Lanka, only 200,000 are left to be vaccinated against COVID-19, he said. About 88 percent of over 60 people from Polonnaruwa, 80 percent from Kurunegala, 75 percent from Ampara, 88 percent from Puttalam, 85 percent from Matale and 80 percent from Colombo have already been vaccinated.

He also said that the health and Security Forces go to the relevant places to obtain information on the elderly who are suffering from various ailments and are unable to visit the vaccination centres at the Grama Niladhari division level.

Director of the National Secretariat for Elders K.G. Lanarolle said that about 8,000 out of 8,806 persons living in 349 elderly care homes have been fully vaccinated. The Health Ministry plans to complete the administration of at least a single dose to all adults across the country within the next week.

Sri Lanka is leading the developing countries in terms of vaccination at present rates.

(Pictures by Sulochana Gamage, Ranjith Asanka, Sudath Malaweera)

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