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New solutions sought to mitigate Human-Elephant Conflict

Environmentalists said that the steps so far taken to mitigate the Human -Elephant Conflict should be substituted with viable solutions. The Presidential Committee appointed to formulate a plan to mitigate the menace said that the issue has aggravated over the past decade.

The Committee on Public Accounts (COPA), meanwhile, has instructed the Wildlife Conversation Department to give up the old strategies and policies and initiate a sustainable mechanism to prevent the conflict.

The COPA has said that the highest number of elephant deaths in the world has been reported from Sri Lanka in the past decade. The Committee, therefore, urged the Wildlife Conservation Department to formulate a plan taking into account the findings of the Presidential Committee chaired by Environmentalist Dr. Prithiviraj Fernando.

The COPA also said that erecting electric fences has proven a failure since male elephants cannot be trapped in this way but only female and baby elephants.

Therefore, assistance of the Forces, the Civil Defence Department and Farmer Organisations have been sought to carry out the recommendations of the Presidential Committee and the COPA for thwarting the Human-Elephant Conflict.

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