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Chartered Marketing Institute –Sri Lanka branch celebrates Silver jubilee

Chartered Marketing Institute (CMI) Sri Lanka the foremost chapters in Asia-Pacific with a significant presence, transforming Managers into conscious leaders – celebrates 25 years of excellence.

Here Kaushal Rajapksa, President of CMI-SL brings to light the impact made by the prestigious Managerial institute which incorporates business and education to inspire people to become skilled, confident and successful managers and leaders.

Q: Many people are speaking of Chartered Management Institute or CMI as a professional body that accredits postgraduate qualifying degrees. What exactly is CMI? How did CMI originate in UK? Take us through the history of its inception.

A: Established in 1947 as the British Institute of Management, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI UK) was founded in the wake of the Second World War to help rebuild British industry. CMI’s goal remains the same today as it was then: to raise the quality and standard of management in the workplace. Having developed the very first diploma in management studies, CMI has remained at the forefront of management training and thinking ever since.

The Chartered status was achieved in 2002, when the Chartered Management Institute was created. The Royal Charter was granted by the Privy Council on 12 February 2002 and came into effect on 1 April 2002. The Royal Charter first and foremost recognises the practice of management as a profession. It identifies the benefits that good management has, both on the individual as a career, and for society as a whole by improving our national institutions. Second, it recognises CMI as the standard-bearer for that profession.

CMI’s charter means that it is recognised as the leading authority on management practice. It formalises our members’ commitment to uphold professional standards and keep their skills and competencies up to date. This is an undertaking contained in the CMI Code of Conduct and Practice and the IC Code of Professional Conduct and Practice.

Most tangibly, our Royal Charter allows us to award Chartered Manager status, the highest accolade for professional managers in the UK. Chartered Managers are committed to upholding CMI’s standards and have demonstrated their experience and impact as managers and leaders.

The global CMI membership community has over 140,000 managers and leaders who share a vision of better led and managed organisations. CMI supports managers and leaders worldwide with the tools, resources and community support to take on any professional challenge.

To our members, CMI acts as a lifelong career partner. CMI provides learning and development opportunities, access to an invaluable network of professionals, and a tailored pathway to achieve your career opportunities.

Q: CMI proudly partners with higher education to ensure qualifications are matched to professional accreditations. This enables students to further their knowledge of business and working life. So how did the Sri Lankan branch begin? When was this and, what is the story?

A: The Year 2021 marks 25 years for the CMI Sri Lanka Branch.

The CMI Sri Lanka Branch, which is recognized as one of the Regional Networks of CMI UK was founded in 1996 under the guidance of Sunil Deheragoda.

Since then, the Sri Lanka Branch has produced a total of 14 past Presidents, namely: Farook Marikkar (Year 1996/98), M. V. Theagarajah (1998/99), Fayaz Saleem (1999/2001), Anil Weeratunga (2001/02), Sega Nagenda (2002/03), the late Ajith de Silva (2003/04), Gamini Karunaratne (2004/06), Sunil Deheragoda (2006/08), Col. Faiz-Ur Rahman (2008/10), Keethi Jayaweera (2010/12), Rohitha Mendis (2012/14), Varuna Ratnaweera (2014/16), Malraj Kiriella (2016/17) and Murali Prakash (2017/2020). The 15th and the current President of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) UK – Sri Lanka Branch is Kaushal Rajapaksa.

The CMI Sri Lanka Branch is proud to declare 25 years of commitment and contribution to the management fraternity as a thought leader in management practices guiding and helping them over the years to realize their important career goals in management by up-skilling them and promoting CMI - UK management certifications. CMI Sri Lanka has enlisted top corporate leaders in Sri Lanka among its membership and is highly regarded as a prestigious institution.

Q: As the President of CMI Sri Lanka, you can share with us the insight of CMI’s objectives, the Vision and Mission as well as the Culture of CMI.

A: CMI is the best tool for professionals to avail themselves of world class qualifications based on their knowledge and experience. It is also a platform for Managers to synergize and gain insights from an endless body of business leaders in the world.

Our Vision is to produce an elite group of Managers through a consistent flow of development programs that is on par with strategies that are geared for excellence in the workplace and community at large.

Built on camaraderie and bonhomie the culture of CMI –SL keeps the momentum of networking at its peak at all times with a resolute aim to create a significant impact as leaders.

Q: Tell us a little bit about how you became the elected President twice in a row?

A: In retrospect, I commenced my career as a Management Trainee in the footwear industry twenty years ago. Thereafter, I joined the leading Solid Tyre Manufacturing Company in SL as the GM and later as DGM. Incidentally, I was part of the Task force in rebuilding the nation in the aftermath of the tsunami, which gave me an insight into the working of the public sector. Following my MBA, I was elected as the President of the Rubber Institute and simultaneously served as the Chairman of Industrial Estate. I am also the Vice President of the Pakistan Business Council and a member of the Singapore Business Council and China Business Council respectively. Further, I am the Group MD of Sale Lanka Yachting Group – a yacht manufacturing and chartering company.

Currently, I am also an entrepreneur in my own right as the sole proprietor of a company exporting recycled rubber waste with a team of sixty employees.

I am a product of the free education system of our country and I believe that these versatile experiences in the managerial level in addition to a profound desire to reciprocate society with the learnings I have mustered throughout my career has enabled me to earn this title which comes with a great sense of responsibility. With this intention I have also taken on the mantle of leading by example and servitude as the Governor of Lions District 306 B2.

Q: What does good leadership mean to you? Do you rely on your team members, especially the Executive committee with the objectives you hope to accomplish within the next year?

A: I believe in empowerment. As a new recruit in the early years of my career, I learned that one needs to literally walk the talk and lead by example. While failures should be viewed as stepping stones to success, challenges should be faced resolutely with perseverance and a commitment to reach higher goals.

The Executive Committee of CMI-SL are a dynamic team of individuals who are driven by one goal.

They are collectively intentional in their quest to give back to society as they themselves are willing to evolve and adapt in order to ensure success. And yes, I do rely on them to fulfill the plans of our institute which also includes a magnanimous CSR effort in alleviating poverty in our land.

Q: What was your favorite thing about being the President last year? A special project or task or an unforgettable memory you wish to share with us?

A: Last year was a milestone as we commemorated the silver jubilee albeit in a small scale and despite the restriction due to the pandemic, we made great strides in terms of enhancing our virtual platform.

Q: What is on CMI’s agenda for 2021 and beyond? What is your strategy for the future?

A: As part of our main development strategy, is the Charter Manager Program. Also on the agenda is the much anticipated Management Excellence Awards ceremony. Our future prospects are based entirely on our vision and we hope to fulfill all our commitments diligently.

Q: In what ways has the COVID-19 pandemic affected CMI operations and how have you overcome the challenges it has presented you with?

A: We have resiliently persisted in adversity. Despite the restrictions due to the global pandemic, it has paved the way for endless possibilities in terms of knowledge dissemination as the digital age has enabled CMI- SL to reach a larger network of individuals and we believe that we can see the current plans come into fruition in due course.

Q: What is the most important business lesson the pandemic has taught CMI and your team?

A: It has made us more committed towards fulfilling our goals as part of a prestigious institution. It has also created ease of accessibility as we used to meet once-a-month post-Covid 19 but now we meet more regularly through the virtual setting.

Q: What is your ultimate goal for CMI? How do you wish to serve the community at large?

A: I wish to state that I was recently appointed as a Companion Member by CMI – UK. These internationally granted accolades lay claim to the impact we have made as the apex body of development for the fraternity of Managers, entrepreneurs and the community. In broaching our strategies for the community, we are at the discussion level in offering specialized certificate courses for Junior Managers.

As well, we are creating an impact in the business community with our globally recognized courses and other forms of professional career development programs which include discussions and webinars with other chapters to participate in open forums.

With a dynamic team at the helm, we at CMI-SL believe that leadership is a responsibility to do more. Today, as was the case when the institute was established in 1996, our aim is to inspire people to become skilled, confident, and successful managers and leaders.

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