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Over 61,000 COVID patients referred to home treatment recover

Around 61,843 patients who had been referred to home treatment for COVID-19 under the Patient Home Isolation and Management System (PHIMS) had recovered and another 14,239 are recovering at home, Director of Tertiary Services of the Ministry of Health Dr. Ayanthi Karunaratne said.

According to her, only 719 patients referred for home treatment had to be hospitalized due to various complications.

Speaking at a media briefing held at the Health Promotion Bureau yesterday (27), Dr. Karunaratne said that the patients being treated at home for COVID-19 infection can call the 1390 hotline if they are registered with their local Medical Officer of Health (MOH).

After informing the area Health Officer or Public Health Inspector that an individual is exhibiting symptoms of COVID infection, the officer will complete the necessary registration after their observation. This service is only for patients between ages 2-65 with no medical complications.

The area MOH will register the eligible individual in the PHIMS. Then the MOH will hand over the responsibility of patient care to the Call-Centre and the Medical Care Team through the PHIMS system. After that, everything related to the patient will be done under medical supervision.The call centre will coordinate with the patient and a medical care team assigned for home care management. An assigned medical officer in the medical care team will conduct an initial assessment and daily monitoring of the patient.

The Patient Home Isolation and Management System (PHIMS) was recently introduced for asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic COVID-19 positive patients as hospitals have exceeded capacity.

Dr. Karunaratne said a number of factors are taken into account when referring COVID patients for home treatment and it was up to the area health officer or the Public Health Inspector (PHI) to decide whether to hospitalize or refer the patient for home treatment.



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