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Second dose recipients nearing 10 m

Sri Lanka was on the verge of reaching the 10 million mark for the second dose of the Coronavirus vaccine yesterday, with over 9.7 million persons over 30 getting the full two doses.

Nearly 13 million people over 30 have got the first dose, while 84 per cent of people over 30 have got the second dose as well. Meanwhile, nearly 45% of the 20-30s population of 3.3 million have got the first Covid-19 vaccine dose.

The vaccination programme for this age group is currently underway at centres islandwide. However, anyone over 30 who has not yet been vaccinated can still walk in and get the vaccine.

Covid recoveries have reached 390,000 yesterday, from 471,863 total cases. There are 73,000 active cases. Deaths reached 10,500. The number of PCR and Antigen Tests has exceeded five million by yesterday, with an average of 11,000 daily tests islandwide.Sri Lanka has received more than 27 million vaccine doses to date, with Sinopharm leading at 22 million doses. More vaccine doses are expected in the coming days.

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