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Over 15,500 farmers in Matale involved in Organic fertilizer programme

Under the Government’s organic fertilizer programme, the production of organic fertilizer has commenced at 23 Agrarian Service Centres in the Matale district. Over 15,500 farmers are involved in this programme where organic fertilizer is to be produced this year to cultivate 23,377 hectares of paddy lands. This production programme covers all Agrarian Services Divisions in the district, District Assistant Commissioner of Agrarian Services Pushpakumara said.

He further said that the steps have been taken to provide Rs.29,221,500 in assistance to farmers for this purpose. The Government will also provide farmers with Rs.12,500 per hectare for the production of organic fertilizer, with an advance payment of Rs.7,500.

“Three thousand five hundred applications have already been submitted by farmers for this programme while another 12000 applications are being recommended,” the Assistant Commissioner added.

Meanwhile, Despite the price control imposed by the Government for sugar, consumers are inconvenienced as they are unable to purchase sugar for the stipulated price in the Matale district. They allege that sugar is still being sold at between Rs.175-Rs.200 per kilo.

Meanwhile, townsfolk said that some vendors in the towns are selling sugar at the old prices.

In the meantime, 90% of the rural cooperative retail outlets which were under the Matale District Co-operative Societies have been closed while only a few Co-op City outlets are operational.

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