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Mr and Mrs Dingiri Rabbit: An Inspiring Tale for Kids

The story, Mr and Mrs Dingiri Rabbit by Hasitha Adhikariarachchi and which is illustrated by Dilmi Amarasinghe is a children's story intended to thrill not only toddlers but also young children. It was published by Queen of sea and first printed in 2021. The layout, the pictorial representation and colorful drawings capture young readers’ attention and sustain their concentration. The creation of two family-heads that children tend to identify with is a success through Mr and Mrs Dingiri rabbit. The story is told from the readers’ point of view by creation of settings that are familiar and which children often identify with for instance a conducive family set up and personified animal characters.

Dilmi Amarasinghe

The book from the very onset portrays a self-perpetuating ecosystem with lively trees and animals among them Mr and Mrs Dingiri rabbit who appear to be on errand. It appears they are enjoying the environment immensely and so do other animals around. Mr and Mrs Dingiri's visit to the garden to collect supplies brings to their notice a new development, the yard is not fully green as it used to be. The previously flowering and green trees that birds fed on seem to wither too meaning there's a disturbance in the ecosystem occasioned by bad weather.

Alarmed, they collect the little available supplies leaving none for future use. As they sit side by side probably wondering of what would become of them following recent development. Mr Dingiri rabbit looks up, sees birds fly up the sky and not any near a probable indicator of migrations or search for food. Normally these birds would be perching on trees full of grains and fruits. He admits hardship in finding fruits and veggies in the month of August and recommends that they seek a food bank, a proposal readily accepted by Mrs Dingiri Rabbit.

Mr Dingiri rabbit foresees bad weather ahead occasioned by rains and recommend early food collection, but the food is a miss. It surely does rain, and the aftermath is not good just like had been predicted. Mrs Dingiri notes that the neighbors are already vacating the forests due to the bad weather and food deficit and should follow suit and she discusses the issue with Mr Dingiri. Upon agreement they collect the little available food supplies and set out

Hasitha Adhikariarachchi

Adhikariarachchi creates a search for solution that has some hurdles along the way but which must be found. Things takes a new turn when the couple sets out to look for a new forest with little supply gathered. The journey is however not without fair share of challenges as foxes are on standby. Mr and Mrs Dingiri will have to be extra cautious lest they lose their only supplies to the foxes as well as withstand darkness.

The author asserts the need for resilience despite obstacles along the journey as portrayed by the couple enduring pouring rains even when soaked to reach their destination. The resilience pays off when the dark clouds scatter and pave way for the sun, an indication in my view that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The resilience equally is responsible for the would-be success in locating a new yard.

The will finds way and the search comes to an end the following day when they eventually find a forest with variety of food supplies, green and fresh and are indeed happy. A nice landscape characterizes the new location. Mr and Mrs Dingiri drown in carrots and other greens beyond what they can consume and to their delight they had eventually found a food bank. The previously eminent starvation now a thing of the past.

Through the Dingiri’s Adhikariarachchi creates a family built on consensus and that works in collaboration to navigate through life challenges. The author succeeds in letting us know that together we triumph and that there is need to work in solidarity whenever faced with any situation. The writer equally illuminates the need to take care of the future as we enjoy the present condition to enable us overcome asnticipated calamities such as floods. To the intended young readers, the book helps them build an image of a harmonious family where father and mother work together and provide for them.

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