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Mental Health Helpline 1926

For some patients, recovering from COVID-19 has led to certain mental health issues and those facing a mental health crisis can seek medical help from the Mental Health Helpline 1926 of the National Institute of Mental Health or from the Mental health clinic of the nearest Government hospital, Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Sanjeewana Amarasinghe of the National Institute of Mental Health, Angoda said.

Addressing the media at the Health Promotion Bureau yesterday, Dr. Amarasinghe said that COVID-19 patients recover within a few weeks while others may experience long-term symptoms that include fatigue, respiratory problems, such as, shortness of breath and psychological issues like depression, anxiety and sleep difficulties.

Dr.Amarasinghe stressed the importance of closely monitoring the mental health condition of younger children since they cannot identify their mental issues and their mental issues can only be diagnosed only after closely monitoring their behavioural changes,such as, anger, fear, sleeplessness etc.

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