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Man declared dead twice in a single day

A strange case of a man being declared dead twice, in a single day has been reported from the Bulathkohupitiya area.

N.D. Gunapala, the caretaker of a Rambutan estate in Bulathkohupitiya was found unresponsive in a shed at the estate recently. The first responder,

the owner of the estate who visited his property as usual in the morning, had found Gunapala missing at his post, the gate. Later when he went to the small shed where Gunapala was staying and looked through a window he had seen the caretaker lying on the floor unconscious.

Fearing the worst he had informed the Police and the Grama Niladhari who visited the location but had not ventured inside out of fear that the caretaker had died due to COVID-19.

Later the Coroner too arrived and along with the Police considered him deceased without venturing inside — until he moved, signaling that his spirit was not quite ready to let go.

A 1990 ambulance was called and Gunapala was taken to the Karawanella hospital where he had died shortly while being under treatment. Gunapala had been declared dead for a second time and the opinion of the doctors had been that if Gunapala had been brought to the hospital earlier his life could have been saved.

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