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Vyboo wins ‘Best ECommerce Website 2021’

Vyboo has been awarded The Best Web Site (Merit Winner) for the year 2021, under the category of best e-commerce web site organized by the Best Web Team recently.

Vyboo is a lifestyle brand founded in 2017, which makes creative, distinctive and trendy fashionable t-shirts and merchandise. Founders Tharshanan Arutselvan and Nanthaghopan Kunalan started the business out of the curiosity to obtain business experience. Apparels at Vyboo and its sister companies (FEMI, Tarshwear, G1) are manufactured in Sri Lanka, where employees (manufacture, fulfillment, sales and accounts) come together to deliver high quality garments using a new technology called ‘print and cut’.

Vyboo t-shirts are targeted towards Sri Lankan young adults around the world. Now under the guidance of young entrepreneur Tharshanan, the mother Company of Vyboo (Tees) provides a service, FBT, to encourage young entrepreneurs to create their own brand. Vyboo now functions as an online basis as well. The vision of the organization is to plant outlets around the world and expand the employment scope for more Sri Lankan garment workers.

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