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Good prices for onion farmers

Large stocks of local red onions as well as big onions have started arriving at the Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre (DEC) with cultivators getting good prices for their produce. Therefore, onion farmers have been able to get a high income after some time.

The wholesale price of a kilogramme of local big onions is Rs. 110, the price of a kilogramme of imported big onion is Rs. 90 and a kilogramme of red onions from the Jaffna Peninsula is between Rs.200 and Rs.240.

About 3,500 acres have been utilized for local big onion cultivation in Dambulla, Galewela and the surrounding areas during the current season and this year’s harvest is expected to be around 60,000 metric tons.

Businessmen say a bumper local big onion harvest is expected to reach the market within the next two weeks as farmers in the Northern Province have reported a major harvest. Accordingly, the Dambulla market receives more than 100,000 kilogrammes of red onions daily.


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