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O2 Life: 11,000 beds with Oxygen facilities for Covid treatment

Lions Club District 306C-1 Sri Lanka with the fullest support of the Ceylon College of Physicians and the Sri Lanka Society of Internal Medicine has implemented a project - O2 Life under the theme of 'Beds for Breath' to donate 11,000 beds with Oxygen providing equipment covering 191 hospitals treating COVID 19 in Sri Lanka.

Addressing the media yesterday at the Government Information Department President’s Counsel Lion Jagath Wickremanayake said that there are 191 hospitals treating COVID in Sri Lanka and under this project it is expected to convert 7,870 beds in these hospitals into Oxygen providing beds. After converting these beds, timely care can be provided to the patients upon admission which will prevent further deterioration.

It is expected to provide 3,102 three-function bed units with a multipara monitor, jumbo oxygen cylinder, jumbo oxygen cylinder chart, nasal prongs, face mask, non-rebreather mask, syringe pump, multipara monitor regulator and a venturi mask. Apart from that 159 hospitals require Oxygen Manifold Systems.

Senior Prof Lion Ananda Jayawardane said that the estimated cost of all these exceeds Rs 2.5 billion to procure, distribute and set up this equipment. "We have already taken necessary measures to implement this project in a very transparent manner," he added.

Dr. Shamitha Dassanayake stated that for certain COVID patients, it will take quite a long time to fully recover. So it is required to have regular checkups and treatments for these patients. So this project will help to ease the burden on state hospitals.

Sri Lanka College of Internal Medicine President Dr. Harsha Sathischandra also addressed the virtual gathering.


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