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All preparations to re-open pre-schools

All pre-schools nationwide would be re-opened on October 15 in accordance with health guidelines. There are 19,667 pre-schools nationwide and the Director General of Health Services too has already been briefed over this decision.

All heads of pre-schools have been instructed by now to clean the premises well as there is a possibility of having mosquito-breeding grounds in the pre-school gardens as these pre-schools had been closed for a long time by now.

Dengue fever too is spreading fast these days and hence, steps have to be taken by pre-school heads to keep their schools free from mosquito-breeding places,” said State Minister Women and Child Development, Pre-school and Primary Education, School Infrastructure and School Services speaking to Daily News yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence in a Circular to all District and Divisional Secretaries countrywide has informed that persons and firms that possess permits to handle firearms should get their firearms licensed for the year 2022.

Accordingly, the owners of firearms can get their firearms licensed between December 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022.

There will be no extension of this time period and thereafter, firearms which have no licenses would be considered illegal and handing firearms without relevant permits would be a legally punishable offence.

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