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Ministry expresses concern over river pollution

The Environment Ministry expressed concern over the dumping of garbage mixed with chemicals to the country’s river network, inland lakes by small, medium and large scale industrialists that ultimately result in severe environmental hazards to the water resources and human habitats.

Speaking to the Daily News, Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said the Environment Authority has already identified 103 rivers in the country and numerous complaints are received regarding the pollution of water resources in these rivers and lakes due to dumping of heavily toxic substances released by industries and factories.

The Minister said the objective of the recently launched Surakimu Ganga (Protect Rivers) project by the Environmental Ministry was to create an awareness among industrialists and the public to refrain from dumping chemical mixed materials and various other poisonous and non-degradable garbage to water resources.

A recent research conducted by a team of environmentalists revealed that the water in almost all the rivers and lakes are used by people either for drinking, washing, agricultural purposes or fishing purposes.

Minister Amaraweera said steps would be taken to display warning boards on either side of all rivers and lakes and request the public to refrain from dumping chemicals and garbage into water-ways to protect the lives of humans, fish and the flora and fauna.

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