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Highest tea production in August - State Minister Herath

The country has recorded the highest tea production in August this year in comparison to the past six years, said State Minister of Tea and Rubber Export Promotion Kanaka Herath.

He said what matters to the tea plantation is only the proper growth of the tea plants and the receipt of the required proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium but not the type of the fertilizer applied.

“The production of organic fertilizer is an initiative by the President to boost the farming community. The President’s major concern was the health and well-being of the farmers. But, the Opposition parties which have nothing constructive to say go around the country criticizing this move by levelling baseless allegations,” Herath said.

The State Minister expressed these views at Poddenikanda in Deraniyagala following a meeting with small-scale tea planters to discuss their issues.

“The Government will take all possible measures to protect the small-scale tea estate owners. Especially, the budget 2022 will provide a huge boost to empower the rural economy,” he further said.

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