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Agriculture sector badly affected - Sajith

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said the Government’s inability of providing fertilizer, pesticide and weedicide to farmers has badly affected the development of the entire agriculture sector in the country.

The Opposition Leader made these remarks during his recent meeting with several farmer communities at Nochchiyagama, Anuradhapura. During that time farmers also directed their grievances and problems that are related to their day today problems related to agricultural matters.

Accordingly, farmers requested the Opposition Leader to consult with the President and other relevant authorities in the agricultural sector and give them a lasting solution to this unresolved fertilizer shortage.

The farmers also told the Opposition Leader that they cannot proceed with their Maha season cultivations without adequate fertilizer, weedicide and pesticide .

Opposition Leader Premadasa said at a time when farmer communities have become helpless due to lack of fertilizer, pesticide and weedicide to cultivate their agricultural lands their daily earnings will gradually come down and such a situation will drastically affect not only to them but also to their families.

Refering to a statement made by the President at a recent meeting the Opposition Leader said that the President cannot easily say that he couldn’t fulfil the promises he made to the people and is now requesting a pardon for the mistakes.

The Opposition Leader asked the Government not to mislead the masses further and visit the countrywide agricultural lands personally to see the real situation of the agriculture lands and listen to the grievances of farmers.

He made a request from the President and other agricultural authorities to take immediate steps to provide the farmer communities with adequate fertilizer, weedicide and pesticide without further destroying to the country’s agricultural sector. 

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