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When new leaves appear!

It is said that a school is a building that has four walls with “tomorrow” inside. The passion to learn and as well to teach will be our only hope for a better future as humans.

A “school” is not only a place. It’s an idea. In other words, a place or a physical space is not always necessary to initiate a school. What we need is one idea that can be nurtured by commitment and kindness. It is this practice that has been put into action by opening new “Leaf Schools” from the network of Lyceum International Schools.

Since 1993, as the school was founded by the visionary educator Dr. Mohan Lal Grero, the Lyceum schools grew as a strong tree in Sri Lanka that provides shelter and life to many generations of students and teachers to provide education in English medium up to Grade 12.

Revolutionizing the school opening concept, on September 6, for the very first time in Sri Lanka, the school had a “Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” to welcome all new young students and their parents with our tutorial staff of the new Leaf schools (Pre - Primary Schools) of Kalutara and Kottawa. Along with that, the team opened another threr Leaf schools in Eheliyagoda, Avissawella, and Kuruwita under the parent branch of Lyceum Ratnapura. Lyceum Pre-Primary School Kalutara under its parent school Lyceum Panadura branch will be the new member to the Lyceum family.

The team appreciates the presence of Babita Chakraborty, the Primary coordinator of St Augustine’s day school of Shyamnagar India, for joining them as a special guest to witness this special day.

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