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INFOMATE offers next generation HR solutions for organizations

 Jehan Perinpanayagam and Dishan Samarathunga
Jehan Perinpanayagam and Dishan Samarathunga

With the normalization of remote work resulting in new complexities and affecting employee productivity, as well as the need for changes to be adopted in the current HR processes, has laid the groundwork and accelerated the move of outsourcing the HR function of companies, to drive greater efficiency and value for businesses.

With 70% of the Fortune 500 companies now using global outsourcing as an important part of their future HR strategy, Infomate Pvt Limited, the first shared services organization in Sri Lanka, has taken a bold step to play a compelling new role in helping Sri Lankan companies to successfully embrace this trend.

Jehan Perinpanayagam, Chief Executive Officer of Infomate stated, “generating revenue has never been more important as in today’s context. It is therefore critical for business owners and management to zero in on what they do best, whilst employees affected by the pandemic in their personal and professional lives, need to know their HR issues and matters will be handled efficiently and expeditiously. The HR outsourcing model accomplishes all these objectives”.

Dishan Samarathunga, Head of Operations - HRO & Payroll Services of Infomate further explained “one of the greatest benefits of HR outsourcing for companies is having access to specialized HR expertise in all areas of HR. It also saves time and money, which are two critical resources today”.

As such, the Infomate team has taken steps in playing an integral role of providing strategic, customized HRO services to support companies manage their HR processors, as well as in securing the best possible talent for their organizations.

Infomate’s outsourced recruiting function that is streamlined to avoid any administrative hassles, helps companies manage all functions involved in securing the best talent, by utilizing various advanced platforms to advertise a vacancy, pre-screen candidates, shortlist and set up appointments for the interview and subsequently initiate the entire onboarding process of the selected candidate.

In addition, Infomate offers a range of other HRO services, spanning from workforce analytics, payroll with flexible formula definitions for allowances, deduction, overtime and leave, to Personnel File Management. A team of specially qualified personnel handle Employee’s EPF and ETF matters from maintenance of employees EPF and ETF database, timely filing and returns, monthly preparation of EPF and ETF challans and tracking of monthly remitted EPF and ETF records.


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