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Two poaching Indian fishing vessels seized with 23

A special operation conducted by the Navy in seas east of Point Pedro and Vettilaikerni on Wednesday (13) led to the seizure of two Indian fishing vessels poaching in Sri Lankan waters, with 23 Indian fishers aboard.

Taking into account the impact of foreign fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters on the local fishing community and the sustainability of fishery resources of Sri Lanka, the Navy is conducting regular patrols as well as operations to curb illegal fishing activities in island waters.

Fast Attack Craft of the Fast Attack Craft Flotilla (4 FAF) and Inshore Patrol Craft attached to the Northern Naval Command held the two Indian fishing vessels along with 23 Indian fishers aboard, for poaching in Sri Lankan waters East of Point Pedro and Vettilaikeni on October 13.

The operation also led to the seizure of fishing gear from those vessels, used for the illegal fishing practice known as ‘bottom trawling’, and a stock of fish caught by the same fishing method.

The two vessels and the 23 Indian fishers were detained in Naval custody and handed over to authorities for legal action.

The Navy seized five fishing vessels and 54 Indian nationals for poaching in Sri Lankan waters on March 24, 2021. However with the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, the Navy limited seizure of foreign fishing vessels and continued to repatriate them to their home waters.

The Sri Lanka Navy will continue to carry out regular patrols in Sri Lankan waters adhering to COVID-19 protocols,to prevent illegal fishing practices and other illegal acts by foreign fishermen, with a view to protect the fishery resources claimed by Sri Lanka and secure the livelihood of local fishermen.


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