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Indoor Badminton Court for Sainthamaruthu

Badminton players and officials
Badminton players and officials

Sainthamaruthu Badminton Indoor Court located near the Sainthamarthu Bolivarian Playground was declared opened recently by Kalmunai Mayor and Senior Attorney A.M. Rakeeb

Kalmunai Municipal Council Members M.A.Rafeek, M.I.A.Azees, M.Y.M.Joufer and A.R.M. Azeem, Eastern Province Badminton Association President M.I.M.Mansoor, Secretary Aliyar Faizer, Badminton Indoor Court Founder A.R.Athil Ahanab, Business Magnets M.H.M.Nowfer and Iqra Jalal Saththar and many others were present on this occasion.

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