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Country will overcome all challenges - Minister Namal

Minister of Development Coordination and Supervision, Youth Affairs and Sports Namal Rajapaksa says the increase in prices of essential items is temporary and that the Government will do everything possible to reduce prices.

Minister Rajapaksa was responding to questions posed by journalists at the Beliatta Technical College recently. "The ill-effects of COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on the world economy, and Sri Lanka is no exception.

The prices of oil and other consumer items have sky-rocketed in the world. Even Europe has suffered a fuel crisis. We have to face the escalating global fuel prices while bringing the country back to normal," he said.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the job market. Therefore, the country needs to get back to normal and move towards a productive economy thus creating more jobs. With the challenges and changes in the global market, the prices of certain commodities have gone up. But all of this will be temporary. As a Government we are taking measures to reduce the prices of essentials. The Ministry of Agriculture has already sent organic fertilizer to the affected areas. Challenges will be overcome and we will not allow any injustice to be done to the farmer," Minister Rajapaksa said.

The President has instructed Minister of Agriculture to pay compensation to farmers who suffer any losses.

He said that as a Government we stand with the farmers.

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