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Lab tests to find composition of LP Gas in cylinders

String of gas leak related explosions reported
Quality standards maintained says Litro Gas
Lahiru Fernando

Co-operative Services, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna yesterday said all local and international institutions conducting laboratory tests on the composition of domestic LP Gas cylinders will be registered within next two weeks.

The State Minister’s announcement came in the wake of an explosion that was reported from the kitchen of a house in Hokandara last morning causing huge property damage.

Alagiyawanna while focusing special attention on the explosion said that Sri Lanka experienced a considerably fewer number of LP Gas-related explosions compared to other developing countries.

He said random samples taken from the market will be sent for composition testing today. According to preliminary police investigations, the cause for the explosion is an LP gas leakage from a domestically used cylinder. No residents were injured in this explosion that took place around 4.00 in the morning when the residents were asleep.

This is the fifth explosion caused by gas leakages. Another recent incident took place at a fast food outlet in the Race Course arena in Colombo 7 on November 20.

The Government Analyst’s report issued on November 23 confirmed that the explosion has been caused by a gas leakage.

These sudden explosions caused by gas leakages are taking place at a time when the LP Gas distributors are being accused of changing the composition of the domestically used LP Gas.

Sri Lanka’s largest LP Gas distributor Litro Gas Lanka denied the allegations against them on Wednesday.

According to Litro Marketing Director Janaka Pathiratne domestic LP Gas cylinders have been filled complying with international standards and the cylinders are strong enough to prevent the gas tanks from exploding and leaking gas.




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