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LG Anti-Virus Air Conditioner deactivates viruses from Abans

LG is a Brand that care for you and the environment. This has been the base on which LG innovates and makes life better.

Take any product from LG and you will see the touch of care and concern, that reflects throughthe features, be it convenience, durability or safety.

Based on the same lines and philosophy, considering the present situation around the world, LG has once again stepped up to introduce a revolutionary product that would not just add to your comfort but also take care of your health at the same time.

The LG Anti-Virus Inverter Air Conditioner takes the war against the virus several steps ahead, by deactivating the virus straight in the air. Feel the next level of freshness in the air with theUV Nano technology that consist of UV rays emitting LEDS that sterilize and deactivate the air from microorganisms by rupturing their DNA. This effectively stops the virus and germs from multiplying.

It also comes with anAnti-Allergy filter where inside air is absorbed by the Air Conditioner and removes all allergy causing substances like house dirt and mites floating in the air.

The super convertible 5-in-1 cooling system enables you to save on energy as the Air Conditioner can reduce the capacity from 100% to as low as 40%.However, if circumstances demand, it could also step up to 110%. Thus, giving you the best and optimized cooling to consumption ratio.

LG being the leader in techno-innovations also has several models that are future ready with its ThinQWi-Fi technology that offers seamless connectivity through the LG home appliances application.

LG makes your home smart, eco-friendly, and efficient. This is how every LG product demonstrates the key attributes of energy-efficiency, cutting-edge solutions, andhealth consciousness.

Abans has enjoyed a close partnership with LG for over 30 years as the exclusive authorized distributor in Sri Lanka.Through its extensive network of over 400 showrooms and certified dealers across the island, Abans has always striven to bring LG’s latest innovations to every Sri Lankan home; so that all local homeowners can experience the incredibleconvenience that LG has to offer them.

Walk into your nearest Abans or Abans Elite Showroom and make your life even better with LG.

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