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Giving life to the dreams of three little authors

Lyceum International Schools- Kurunegala and Anuradhapura gave life to the dreams of three little authors of their schools by organizing a ceremony to launch the books, “The Ant and the Elephant” written by Nadula Rathnayake, “Adambara Mala” by Imandi Nawanga and “Thiko” by Genuli Weerakoon amid the blessings of the invited guests, school management, teachers and parents. The ceremony was held at Lyceum International School- Kurunegala premises under the health and safety guidelines given by the Ministry of Health and Education.

Professor Thilini Agampodi, professor in community medicine, department of community medicine, faculty of medicine and applied sciences, University of Rajarata, K W S D Kumara, the Counselor of Ministry of Woman and Child affairs and Dr. Anura Athulathmudali, the Managing Director of Dasatha imports and exports (Pvt.) Ltd. Sri Lanka, graced the book launching ceremony as the Chief Guests. These wonderful personalities added color and much more meaning to the ceremony by sharing their knowledge and experience with the audience.

Professor Thilini Agampodi delivered the first speech about the book “Thiko” written by the little author Genuli Weerakoon, a student of Lyceum International School, Anuradhapura. She emphasized the importance of letting children explore their creativity and imagination skills to stimulate the neurons in their brains. She appreciated the way Lyceum International Schools praising the talents of these children. She was amazed by the effort taken by these talented students and appreciated the creativity and imagination skills of the three little students.

Thereafter, Dr. Anura Athulathmudali, highlighted the significance of the book “The Ant and the Elephant” written by the student Nadula Abhilash Ratnayake of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala. He explicated the content in the book appreciating the imagination and creative skills of the little author.

K W S D Kumara, spoke about the book “Aadambara Mala” written by Imandi Nawanga of Lyceum, Kurunegalla. He stated that we cannot predict how far a child would go through his/ her imagination skills and so it is a responsibility of adults to keep those children in a higher position and admire them, as the Lyceum International School is just doing.

The guests were very proud and honoured to be invited to this auspicious Book Launching Ceremony and relished those children’s admirable abilities.

The Principal of Lyceum International School, Kurunegala and Anuradhapura, Chandana Basnayake, then addressed the gathering with a note of appreciation of the three little authors, stating how they can conquer the world with their creativity one day. The Principal was very proud of the little authors and he spoke high of them, cheerfully, since they are the valuable assets for the whole country. As always, the Principal motivated these three little stars to brighten their talents and to shine among the world recognized characters in the society, present and in future. Then he extended his thanks towards the guests for accepting the invitation and for being present at this auspicious moment to make the little authors' dream come true.

A copy of each book written by the three little authors was handed over to the guests, Principal, and the school Library as a symbol of the book launch. It is obvious the day March 18 will remarkably remain in these little authors' minds when they grow up as adults.

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