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Emblem of peace and harmony

Colombo Lumbini Maha Vidyalayastudent Mohamed Armash passed the G.C.E (Ordinary Level) exam this time obtaining 9 As for all the subjects. He lives in Dharga Town, Aluthgama. His father M J M Rifkan is a businessman. His mother is M K M Rifasa. After receiving his primary education at Aluthgama National School, he enrolled at Colombo Lumbini M V passing the grade 5 scholarship exam. He pursued his studies in the English medium there.

He says, “I am happy and excited as I passed the exam in the English medium with 9 As. I got As for subject s such as Buddhism and English literature too. It was benefiting as my father studied in a Buddhist college. I am overjoyed as I got an "A" pass for Buddhism, specifically at a time of conflict as we are divided by ethnicity and religion. I wish to thank Ven Gettamane ThissaThera who taught us Buddhism in our school. Also my thanks go out to the Principal, teachers and the academic staff of the school". "My ambition is becoming an engineer. I wish to complete my Advance Level exam and university education first.”

Armash’s father M.J.M Rifkan said that achievements of this nature promote peace and harmony among communities.

“I am overjoyed as my son had laid an strong foundation for eternal peace among faiths, not only locally but globally as well" he said.

Armash’s mother, Rifasa, says, “He engaged in learning activities even while fasting during Ramzan and practiced Islamic religious activities. I strongly believe that all faiths in the world guide to lead a better life. My son clearly understood this righteous way of life.”

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