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Referees Society boss Dinka speaks out on assault on referee Isuru Perera

Dinka Peiris
Dinka Peiris

Soon after the referee Isuru Perera blew his final whistle three Trinity players surrounded him questioning his decisions but the worst was to happen when a female supporter and at least two men allegedly from the Trinity crowd section hit and manhandled him as he was walking back to the dressing room at Havelock Park.

The scenes involving Trinity supporters who could not stomach defeat were akin to street violence unbecoming of the image of a school that prides itself on decency that went viral on social media depicting the opposite. The Trinity supporters also allegedly abused the three match officials in foul language.

Dinka Peiris – President of the Referees Society told Daily News “An investigation is being conducted by the Police and they noted down the statement from the Trinity player as the lady who attacked the referee was supposed to be his sister. One of the culprits who instigated those around is a staff member”.

“There were several fences around the grounds, yet how did a fraction of the spectators get close enough to assault the Referee?

“I spoke to the Trinity College Principal - Rev. Fr. Araliya Jayasundera, over the phone and he assured an immediate inquiry will be called for, and if any player, staff or coach is involved directly or indirectly, steps will be taken to punish them, as such indecent behaviour is not acceptable. No one at Trinity condones such violent behaviour”.

“My question is in case if my referee Isuru Perera lost his life, then what am I going to say to his entire family and fill his void? The answer is definitely a very big No. As the President of the referee’s society in Sri Lanka, it’s my duty to ensure all my referees safety. Hence I will take strong legal action against the perpetrators and go to the extent of banning all the individuals, who have caused this unpleasant incident to my referee. And this is the only way that we can put an end to this kind of unacceptable behaviour. Otherwise even in future also players and spectators behave in this manner and confront referees,” concluded Peiris.

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