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MMBL- Pathfinder Group to introduce commercial drone operations

Pathfinder Capital (Pvt.) Ltd., an associate company of the MMBL-Pathfinder Group, having examined the vast array of drones in the market, chose Israel based Airobotics Ltd., which has developed an ideal solution for commercial drone applications.

The management of Pathfinder Capital (pvt) Ltd will seek to go through the application process with the CAASL and work closely with local companies interested in utilizing the state-of-the-art drone system offered by Airobotics Ltd. The Airobotics infrastructure allows for fully automated data collection through flights beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). This ability to fly remotely enables operators in various industries to operate an aircraft with minimal training or background in aviation.

In homeland security, police officers used the system to reduce response time, in industrial facilities to conduct their inspection work along power lines and railway lines for maintenance work, and in agricultural farmland to observe the health of plantations and check on other aspects of commercial properties.

Drones are usually operated by pilots specially trained for the job. However, with the deployment of advanced technology, autonomous flight capability would render drone operators redundant. Airobotics became the first company in the world to receive authorization for unmanned commercial drone operations, granted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel way back in 2017. Since then, Airobotics has received regulatory approval for additional countries and has been operating in the US, Singapore and Dubai with multiple clients and rapidly expanding their global unmanned operations.

The drone market was expected to grow steadily in the consumer, commercial, and military sectors. In a 2016 report, Goldman Sachs estimated that drone technologies would reach a total market size of $100 billion between 2016 and 2020.

The commercial business component of this growth forecast was projected to reach $13 billion. Meanwhile, it was estimated that consumer drone shipments would reach $ 29 million in 2021.

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