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PM tells all non-essential public service employees to stay home today

Public urged to refrain from unnecessary travel

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe stated in Parliament yesterday that all non-essential employees of the public service have been informed to refrain from coming to work today (20) in view of the current fuel crisis.

He said that this would help in saving some of the fuel stocks in hand. Explaining the current fuel stocks available he said, “On the 28th the vessel ‘Swarna Pushpa’ carrying 28,000 metric tonnes of 92 gasoline, and 9,000 metric tonnes of 95 gasoline.

Then on the 20th under the Indian Credit Line, 30,000 metric tonnes of diesel and 7,000 metric tonnes of super diesel is expected. Another ship from Whittals arrived on March 28 and we are holding onto it and will pay for it and have it released as soon as we have the funds.

Another shipment under the Indian credit line which arrived in April will be brought in carrying 37,000 metric tonnes of gasoline. Currently, Whittals has sent 26,000 metric tonnes of 92 gasoline and 8,000 metric tonnes of 95 gasoline.”

In addition, he said that under the Indian credit line another 38,000 metric tons of diesel is expected by May 29 or 30.

The Prime Minister also noted that 90,000 metric tonnes of Siberian crude oil shipment had arrived on May 1. However, he said that it is still to be cleared due to the shortage of dollars. However, he said that if this shipment could be cleared and utilized for power generation, the other diesel shipments could be utilized for other purposes.

He also said that another two shipments of petrol had arrived, adding that it was vital to have a fuel reserve to meet the country’s requirement, failing which this issue will continue and people will have to wait in queues between each shipment. Wickremesinghe also noted that there is sufficient fuel stocks until mid-June, adding that the CPC had notified him that they are currently engaged in placing the orders for July. He also urged the public to also refrain from making unnecessary trips in order to save fuel, until this crisis is overcome.



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