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SLBC DG calls for inquiry against violent employees

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Director General Chandrapala Liyanage yesterday said he had lodged a complaint with the Kurunduwatte Police against a group of SLBC Trade Union members who levelled threats against him and acted in a violent manner recently.

In a letter addressed to the President, the Prime Minister, Justice Minister and the President’s Secretary, Liyanage said he expects an impartial inquiry and legal action against the perpetraters.

Liyanage in his letter said reports in a section of the media that he voluntarily resigned from his position after the incident which happened last Thursday following the commotion on May 9, was a lie.

Liyanage said last Thursday a group of employees at the SLBC had acted in a threatening and violent manner towards him while demanding his resignation. However Liyanage said this group affiliated to certain political party unions and the group of protesters at Galle Face was a minority and a vast majority of SLBC employees had not supported the moves.

He said following the incident he had requested the Additional Secretary of the Media Ministry and the Chairman to visit the SLBC and after explaining the incidents to them had left the office premises.

Liyanage requested authorities to prevent the ‘Law of the Jungle’ from taking over.

Liyanage in his letter also highlighted the contributions he made to the SLBC during his tenure.

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