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PHIs, Allied Unions on two day strike, want fuel

The Joint Council for Professions of Supplementary Medicine, including the Public Health Inspectors’ Union (PHIU) has decided to launch a two-day strike in protest of the ongoing fuel crisis.

The trade union action will be carried out today (June 29) and tomorrow (June 30), PHIU Chairman Upul Rohana said.

According to him, eight Unions including the Interim Medical Services United Front, Sri Lanka Public Health Inspector’s Association, Family Health Service Officers ‘Association, Entomologists’ Association, Dentists ‘Association, ECG and EEG Officers’ Associations have decided to join the strike.

“We did not make this decision arbitrarily. We discussed the matter with the authorities before making this decision. Health service is an essential service, But as health sector employees we cannot get fuel to report for duty and report for field duties,” he said.

“If we do not find a quick solution, we have decided to go on a continuous strike from next Monday”, he said.

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