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Adaikkalanathan fears TNA split

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Wanni District Member of Parliament Selvam Adaikkalanathan on Sunday said the party may split due to the activities of two TNA politicians who are trying to take advantage of the current political crisis.

However, the TNA member did not reveal the identities of the two persons he referred to.

Speaking to the media, the MP said that the Tamil National Alliance, an alliance of several parties should be registered as a single political party under the name TNA. He said services to the public too should be expanded.

He also said that although the Tamil National Alliance is not divided now, looking at the current events, there are signs of a decline in the party in the mindset of the Tamil people.

Selvam Adaikkalanathan said that the reason for this is the statements made by two members of the party with ulterior motives trying to gain petty advantage of the current situation.

He emphasised that the people who have broken away from the TNA for various reasons should forget everything and rejoin the party in order to make it a stronger political force.

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