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President and House working together can solve national crisis - PM Gunawardena

The only principle on which the country can get out of this serious national crisis is the President and the House working together, Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said yesterday (10).

The Prime Minister made this observation joining the second day of the debate on President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s policy statement held in Parliament.

PM Gunawardena observed, “The President stated that we are a country that has the ability to be self-sufficient, and that we must embark on a clear path to build that country. It has been specifically pointed out by the President that the economy should be modernized and that another crisis should not occur in the country and the economy should not be turned into a weak one. It was also mentioned that the current government is already preparing the necessary plans for this effort. The foreign exchange crisis has escalated. Not only the ruling party but also the opposition admits that we need to have a proper plan to resolve this issue. We need all parties working together in consensus. The President has announced that action to curtail waste, fraud and corruption will be taken and Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe confirmed it. We will be committed to working with the IMF. We are committed to achieve it. All of us must work together for this. That is the principle on which to get out of this serious national crisis.”

PM Gunawardena noted, “The President also explained that we must understand global economic trends. Global trends are identified and emphasis is placed on preparing national economic policies for the next 25 years. The reference to globalization and globalization is evident in the formulation of national economic policies.”

“The twenty-second amendment was presented to Parliament this morning. We are committed not only in words but also in actions. In recent days, the President held discussions with all political parties to work together to achieve these goals,” the Premier noted.

“We have to move towards a new development method based on the fourteen thousand five hundred Grama Niladhari divisions in our country. Today, arrangements are being made for such a joint program where national production is prioritized,” PM Gunawardena further said.

PM Gunawardena also noted that India is not only our neighbour but also one of the largest markets in the country. Thus, Sri Lanka should be able to make use of this large market, Gunawardena pointed out.


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