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Restructure public enterprises without delay - Eran

SJB MP Eran Wickremaratne yesterday said that government institutions should necessarily be restructured for the development of the country.

The MP said that the country has been economically destroyed as a result of following wrong policies by claiming that the government is following socialism, liberalism and neo-liberalism.

He said that the country has not received international support and the opportunities available to the people of this country to have contact with the international community are also being closed.

Wickremaratne was addressing a press conference held at the Opposition Leader’s office yesterday. He said that reports have revealed that loss of 52 public institutions in the first four months of 2022 is Rs.560 billion. Governments have had to raise taxes to sustain loss-making institutions and cover their losses. Such loss making institutions should not be maintained like this,Wickremaratne said.

He was of the view said that time has come to restructure many public entities without false pretenses.

A situation has arisen to a level where even an internationally competitive airline cannot be maintained in our country today.

They should be restructured as soon as possible and taxes should be stopped from the people for their maintenance.

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