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Waters Edge launches ‘Kahata Hendewa’ Thunapaha restaurant

Waters Edge launched the ‘Kahata Hendewa’- authentic Sri Lankan High Tea at the popular Thunapaha restaurant recently.

‘Kahata Hendewa’ as the name aptly suggests, welcomes those with a distinct taste for traditional Sri Lankan sweets and savouries to delve into an array of delectable delights, all the while sipping your favourite cup of Sri Lankan tea along with it.

The traditional Sri Lankan High Tea is available every Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The expansive possibilities of endless Sri Lankan favourites at the ‘Kahata Hendewa’ High Tea showcase best-loved items in the likes of Isso Wade with tangy red chutney, Spicy Mutton Patti, Kottu, Hoppers and Kokis topped with devilled prawns to get your lips smacking.

A Sri Lankan food experience, that will speak to your heart and mesmerize your soul all at the same time.

Enjoy the open-air concept of the ‘Thunapaha’ restaurant. The fascinating charm of the setting amidst the wetlands and lush greenery adds to the captivating feel of the ways of nature and the sounds of silence.


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