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Urea fertilizer distribution for Yala completed

The distribution of urea fertilizer brought to Sri Lanka under an Indian Credit Line by the Government for the 2022 Yala season has now been successfully completed, a media release from Agriculture Ministry said.

Due to the shortage of chemical fertilizers and the lack of trust among the farmers regarding some organic fertilizers, until about a month after the start of the Yala season this year, 248,000 hectares of paddy lands had been cultivated.

Also, the Agriculture Ministry had estimated 275,000 hectares of paddy land for cultivation. The Irrigation Department and the Mahaweli Authority stated that 100 percent of the paddy lands under the Mahaweli and major irrigation channels were cultivated in the Yala season, at a discussion for the cultivation activities in the Maha season held last week. A discussion was held last week under the patronage of Agriculture, Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation Minister Mahinda Amaraweera regarding the distribution of urea fertilizer in the Yala season. According to the facts revealed there, the distribution of urea fertilizer for paddy cultivation in the Yala season was successfully completed by August 18.

Accordingly, the Agrarian Development Department emphasized that the total amount of urea fertilizer distributed to 490,515 farmers who cultivated 304,734 hectares is 29,740.73 metric tons.

The breakdown is as follows: Uva Province – 2,122 metric tons, Western Province – 1,041 metric tons, Central Province – 2,138 metric tons, North Western Province – 3,767 metric tons, Sabaragamuwa Province – 1,128 metric tons, Southern Province – 4,728 metric tons, Northern Province – 877 metric tons, and Eastern Province – 39 metric tons.

In the Yala season, the largest number of paddy fields was cultivated in the North Central Province. Accordingly, 9,623 metric tons of urea fertilizer has been distributed to that province. Harvesting had started in some districts even when the distribution of urea fertilizer started. And in many other districts, it was close to harvesting. Therefore, those paddy lands do not need urea fertilizer. However, the Indian Government had provided 65,000 metric tons of urea fertilizer. A total of 35,000 metric tons of urea fertilizer remained. The distribution of the fertilizer for the cultivation activities of the Maha season has already started by giving the remaining fertilizer to the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Agriculture Minister Amaraweera stated that besides paddy cultivation, the Government has decided to provide urea fertilizer to maize, potato and tea cultivations.

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