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‘Sick children should not be sent to kindergartens’

Dr. S.Surendrajith.
Dr. S.Surendrajith.

Since there is an apprehension that COVID -19 may raise its ugly head again in Sri Lanka by sending sick children, especially those having phlegm, fever and common cold symptoms to kindergartens, teachers and parents should be very careful, Dr. S.Surendrajith, who specializes in child care, said.

“Many parents would have noticed that their Montessori going children catch infections, especially common cold, cough and other related respiratory tract infections during Montessori school days. This is owing to the fact that on any given day one or the other child in the Montessori contracts this sort of respiratory infection from the community and brings it unknowingly into the Montessori thereby infecting many of classmates. Almost all children, unlike the adults are not aware that they could spread infections by droplets through sneezing and coughing. They do not know the usefulness of handkerchiefs or tissues in this regard. Most Montessori teachers are sharp enough to spot this danger,” he added.

He also said that the cramped space in most Montessori schools in an urban setup further aggravates the threat.

“Since there is an apprehension that the virus may raise its ugly head again in Sri Lanka these days, the pros and cons of sending sick children to Montessori schools should be carefully assessed by teachers as well as the parents. The factors we discussed without doubt increase the chances in otherwise well children in the Montessori contracting “phlegm” from the child who had come to the Montessori despite illness. This is a pathetic situation” he added.

He said in Sri lanka , there is a dire need to create awareness among the parents about the “truth” behind children catching common cold and other related respiratory tract infections during Montessori days.

“Some parents, not all, consider the children a nuisance for them at home and hence insist on sending their children to Montessori school irrespective of whether he suffers from a “phlegm” problem or not. The sick child may also not be willing to leave home because physically and mentally he feels ill. A few days of absence of the child from the Montessori school is very unlikely to affect the child’s studies. Infact, Dr. Maria Montessori, herself a Medical Doctor cum Educator who pioneered the concept of Monessori method had the intentions of offering a playful environment to the child while learning occurs unknowingly through the play activities. Montessori school is by no means a University. Everybody will accept it is not a place where painstaking studies and non-absent participation is essential,” he added.



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