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Measures to streamline fuel distribution programme

Moves are being taken to streamline the fuel distribution programme aiming to end fuel queues, Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekara said. It was revealed at a discussion held yesterday at the Power and Energy Ministry regarding the identification and remediation of fuel distribution problems. At this discussion chaired by Minister Wijesekera, attention was paid to matters such as the assessment of the existing fuel stock, monitoring of the fuel stock produced daily by the refinery and the daily distribution programme.

The Minister stated that steps will be taken to release fuel for agriculture, fisheries, industries and public transport needs.

Also, attention was paid at this discussion to the filling stations that are working against the regulations of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation. Accordingly, it has been decided to take action under the Petroleum Act against filling stations which do not issue fuel to consumers as well as filling stations which do not order fuel.

Besides, attention was drawn to filling stations that do not deposit money for fuel orders on time

“Also, measures are being taken to ensure a corrupt free QR system. Accordingly, issuing fuel to fake QR codes and issuing fuel when the vehicle number does not match with the QR code are banned.

The Minister said that action will be taken against filling stations that dispense fuel under too many QR codes for the same vehicle.

It has been discovered that irregular fuel storage tanks are still being maintained by certain errant people and such unsafe fuel storage raids will continue.

Decisions were made regarding the automation of the fuel distribution system and the automation of the process of allocating fuel tankers. 

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