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Thousands of kilos of paddy lost in unused PMB warehouses

A large stock of paddy bought from farmers in the 2015 Yala season is in an unusable state at the Aralagangwila paddy warehouse belonging to the Paddy Marketing Board (PMB).

Farmers and representatives of farmers’ organizations in the area say that paddy was bought from the Paddy Marketing Board only once for this particular warehouse. They say two warehouses were built at Aralagangwila at a cost of Rs. 10 million. The farmers also alleged that the other warehouse built three years ago has not yet been opened and no purchase of paddy has taken place.

Former secretary of the Mahaweli B Region Business Association Sarath Rajapaksa said that the roof of the warehouse complex is damaged and rainwater seeps through it, which is the main cause for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of kilos of paddy.

Rajapaksa added that one of the warehouses has been damaged by wild elephants and thieves too have caused some damage.

The representatives of Mahaweli B Zone farmers’ organizations demanded that if these two warehouse complexes built by the government at the cost of public money are not utilized, then they should be used for another industry.

They urged authorities to pay immediate attention to this matter.

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