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Three-wheeler TUs demand increased fuel quota

Several Three-wheeler driver trade’ unions held a demonstration in front of the Energy Ministry yesterday demanding an increase in their weekly fuel quota. They state that they will not vacate the place unless their demands are met.

Three-wheeler drivers are complaining that five litres of fuel allocated to them as their weekly quota is wholly insufficient for a week’s travel. Three-wheelers run for around 150 kms per day, working for 8-12 hours. Therefore, they need at least six litres of fuel per day. Five litres is not enough for a week. Therefore, we urge the Government to increase our fuel quota. We are in turn ready to introduce a mobile app for this purpose,” a Spokesman from the Three-Wheeler Trade Union said.

However, the Power and Energy Ministry has not taken any decision to increase the fuel quota given to Three-wheeler drivers so far.

Meanwhile, a number of filling stations across the country were closed yesterday due to the lack of fuel. Long queues were also seen at the filling stations that remained open. 

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