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'Galle Fishery industrialists complain'

The Meteorology Department does not accurately forewarn fishery industrialists over the wind direction and their climatic zones, alleges Galle District Fishery Association Chairman P.B. Gamini.

The Meteorological Department uses only one and same uniformed terminology reporting their weather predictions. In general they state that the sea area off the coast extending from Puttalam to Trincomalee via Mannar and Kankasanturai and Hambantota to Pottuvil and the sea areas off the coast extending from Puttalam to Hambantota via Colombo and Galle will be rough and advice against engaging in fishing activities, Gamini said.

He was addressing a media briefing held in Galle on Tuesday (6).

"Nevertheless they never inform the fishery industrialists about the wind directions and the respective zones. If they clearly tell the industrialists about the zones where storms and rough seas are absent, they can carry on the industry in those areas," he further pointed out.

Wind direction is generally reported by the direction from which it originates. That is the way International Meteorology Agencies educate the public.


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