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AKD flays PCoI which probed political victimization


National People’s Power leader MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake yesterday drew the attention of the House to the controversial recommendations made by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) appointed by former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to probe alleged political victimization that took place during Yahapalana regime from 2015 to 2019.

Dissanayake pointed out that President Ranil Wickremesinghe who was the then Premier has been identified by the Commission, other than himself and several top former Ministers, to have engaged in such political revenge. “This Commission has recommended giving promotions, reinstating positions who have engaged in scams and frauds. It had also recommended filing cases against those who lodged complaints regarding major malpractices at the Commission. Some of these recommendations are being activated even as I speak,” Dissanayake said.

He also noted that the Commission has recommended filing cases against and stripping off civil rights of CID, FCID and government officers such as Ravi Seneviratne, Shani Abeysekara, Ravi Vidyalankara, Dilrukshi Dias, Navaratne Bandara, Janaka Bandara, Dhammika Hemapala, Saman Ekanayake and Ananda Wijepala. Dissanayake urged the government to express its position on the Commission’s decisions and recommendations.

In reply, Leader of the House Susil Premajayantha said that he will inform the President’s Secretary in writing regarding the concerns raised by Dissanayake. Premajayantha noted that there are about 10 cases filed against initiating the recommendations given by the Commission.

He said that the Commission’s mandate and warrant have now ceased to exist. Dissanayake said that those who have filed cases against the said recommendations could withdraw them if the AG’s Department informed the Court about the new developments regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna backbencher Nimal Piyatissa suggested that “all liberals who brought in liberal economic policies into the country” should be “whipped 100 times on their backs” as they are responsible for the prevailing economic crisis. MP Piyatissa said Sri Lanka is a blessed land and should be ashamed of not following the traditional economic ways. He noted that the liberal, open economy introduced by the J.R. Jayewardene government was a turning point in losing a self-sufficient economy. “The Opposition should seek an apology from the public for this reason,” MP Piyatissa said.

Meanwhile, Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Imthiaz Bakeer Markar joining the Adjournment Debate on malnutrition in children and mothers in Sri Lanka, pointed out that “people have found it extremely difficult to even prepare a meal that consists rice and pol sambol.” He said rice and pol sambol is not a nutritional meal, however, people cannot even fix a meal with those two items at a low price.

The proposed Social Security Contribution Levy Bill was back in the limelight yesterday as several Opposition MPs questioned certain amendments of the Bill given to them without any source. Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Dr. Harsha de Silva pointed out that there was a document on MPs’ tables claiming to be amendments to the said Bill, however, it carried no source or a subject ministry.

De Silva said that he inquired about the document from the Finance Ministry which denied having sent any amendments. “Certain amendments to the Social Security Contribution Levy Bill were kept on our tables in the Chamber. Yet, the Finance Ministry informed me that they sent no such amendment. How can this be?” De Silva questioned.

On the same note, NPP leader MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that it is precarious to pass amendments to a Bill without the contribution of its subject Ministry or the Treasury. Dissanayake said that this should be looked into.

Government MP Nimal Lanza adding his thoughts on the matter said the Public Finance Committee should look into legislations pertaining to finance Bills. Leader of the House Minster Susil Premajayantha noted that it was the responsibility of the Finance Ministry to inform him about the amendments. He said the subject ministries should be more responsible and cooperative with the House. “If they had sent these amendments to the Finance Committee, at least we could have discussed this matter there. The amendments are new to us as well.”

ITAK MP Shanakiyan Rasamanikam joining the Adjournment Debate proposed that political power should be transferred to youth from the older generation. “First of all, I would like to congratulate our Sri Lankan cricket team for the absolutely great victory they claimed against India. I would like to extend my heartiest wishes for them to win the Asia Cup. You can see how our youngsters are committed to revive the country’s cricket. They are doing exceptional work. Just like that I believe political power should be handed over to the younger generation for a better future for our country. So I kindly request the public to elect more young politicians to the House,” MP Rasamanikam said.

The Women Parliamentarians’ Caucus is planning to establish an independent commission named ‘National Women's Commission’ to monitor the implementation of women’s rights and gender equality and intervene in related problems. The Commission would be established via a Parliamentary Act. The Women Parliamentarians’ Caucus will meet tomorrow (9), to discuss the matter in depth.

The House will sit today (8) at 9.30 am.


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