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“Do away with archival laws hindering development of agri sector”

Country has failed miserably in the case of implementation:
Prof. Buddhi Marambe
Prof. Buddhi Marambe

Scientific and evidence-based decision making is prerequisite for agriculture development and Sri Lanka must do away with archival laws and regulations that hinder the development of the sector, Senior Prof. Buddhi Marambe said.

Noting that the interim budget has a lot of reference to agriculture, Prof. Marambe said that the budget has identified the need for a fusion between agriculture and entrepreneurship, value chain development, youth technological interventions, productivity enhancement and many more aspects. Speaking further, he stated that in Sri Lanka, policy making has been done well; nevertheless in the majority of the cases, the country has failed miserably in the case of implementation.

“I believe that progressive things that have been proposed in the interim budget will be implemented as planned without any hindrance. Moreover, bringing up a food security bill or food security Act in the future regulations will hopefully make sure that no irrational decisions with regard to the agriculture sector will be taken in the future.”

Senior Prof. Marambe , Weed Science, Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture- University of Peradeniya told a webinar, organised by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (CMA) of Sri Lanka.

He also commended the national food security program which has been proposed in the interim budget saying that it is essential to understand the whole program is going to focus on the food system approach. The overall system has to be taken into account in the food system approach and it’s good to hear that the national food security plan or the program is on the cards.

Speaking on the budget proposal relating to the revision of the agricultural insurance scheme, Prof. Marambe said, it is exciting that the farmers also make a contribution. But virtually the total expenditure is being borne by the government and that should not be the way. That has to be revamped to make sure there’s fair contribution coming up from the farming community as well because the benefit will be there at the end.”

He added that the national agency for public private partnership which has been proposed in the interim budget will be an essential requirement to create much needed partnerships between public and private agencies to make the agriculture industry prosper in the future.

Prof. Marambe stated further that railway alone will not suffice to transport food items specially perishable items, because in certain parts of the country as there’s no rail connection starting from the port of origin and he emphasised that the government should focus to make sure the transportation of food takes place in an efficient manner.

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